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Megan Johnson, MA, ACC

Managing Director, trainer, coach, speaker

Megan Johnson earned her MA in Organizational and Intercultural Communication from DePaul University in Chicago in '09. Her passion and expertise is in teaching people to recognize their biases and use it to work and communicate better with colleagues, teammates, etc.... She has over 10 years experience in research and teaching of culture and communication. She has conducted trainings and seminars in interpersonal, intercultural, and team communication, as well as conflict management and public speaking. She has co-developed organizational culture assessments while working at the American Medical Association and partnered with the Joint Commission and AHA. She managed assessments for 16 hospitals around the country, including conducting qualitative and quantitative research (staff and leadership focus groups and interviews), and analyzing all results and creating a final report with summarized data and recommendations for areas of improvement. She has delivered cultural competence training to all levels of staff across healthcare organizations, including administration, managers, doctors, nurses, and front-line staff. She has worked as a contract consultant for organizational culture and communication assessments at healthcare systems around the U.S.. 

Megan is also a certified coach through the Radiant Coaches Academy and has coached clients on a range of personal development topics as well as relationship, communication and public speaking. 

Megan has co-authored many articles on communication in healthcare, organizational and intercultural communication, published in places like JAMA, as well as co-authored personal development books. 

She has given presentations at national and global professional organization's conferences in the fields of healthcare, communication, and coaching. 

She lives in Nashville with her husband, son and cat. She loves writing and performing music with her band, Scale Model

Megan is connected with many highly skilled professionals in the Nashville area and can bring other professionals to the team as needed with expertise and experience in coaching, conflict management, mediation, consulting and training.